TTouch Tips for Fireworks and Thunderstorms

Loud noises and thunder are often concerns for our animals, especially dogs.  With the Fourth of July fireworks coming up, and thunderstorms common at this time of year many of our animals will experience extra stress.  There are some TTouch things we can do that are likely to decrease or eliminate this stress. 

Since many animals become restless hours before the storm arrives, and well before the thunder should be audible even to ears more finely attuned than human ears , some speculate that it is the electrical disturbance affecting the animals.  We don’t have enough information yet to come to a conclusion.  What we do know, however, is that after some Tellington-TTouch work, many animals have shown decreased noise (including thunder) concern or their concern about such noises seems to have been totally eliminated . 

The more body/mind research is done, the more we have suggestions as to why TTouch works.  Candace Pert’s bookMolecules of Emotion provides us all with left brain explanations such as, “Emotions and bodily sensations are thus intricately intertwined, in a bi-directional network in which each can alter the other.” 

Remember that the body wrap, though weird looking, is very useful in getting our companions past concerns such as loud noises.  As you have the opportunity, put the body wrap on your companion for 15 minutes to an hour.  It can be helpful for you to do some slow, mindful groundwork with your animal while s/he is wearing the wrap, giving some new body awareness.  Intersperse the groundwork with body work.

Though fear of fireworks/thunderstorms has been eliminated in as little as one session, typically it takes a bit longer.  If your animal is still concerned during fireworks or a storm, try some earwork.  Going over the whole ear with long, gentle strokes from the base of the ear to the tip can be very calming.  Circles at the base of the ear can also help ease your animal’s concern.

TTouch can work with many other modalities.  Your veterinarian might suggest Melatonin for calming.  You can do TTouch in addition.  TTouch combined with behavioral  desensitization to sounds accelerates response time.  Rescue Remedy, a popular homeopathic formula, is often used in combination with TTouch.


© Frances Smith 2012